There are more than 850,000 business entities registered in Delaware, with more than 50% of these being publicly-traded. Delaware is one of the most popular jurisdictions in the USA to incorporate because it provides a complete package of incorporation services including modern and flexible laws, a respected Court of Chancery and a business friendly state government.

Delaware Franchise Tax

The due date for the annual Delaware Franchise Tax for your corporation is falling due.

As registered agent we are required to notify you that the annual franchise tax is due March 1.

The State of Delaware no longer prints the franchise tax form and will require all information to be submitted and payment made electronically.

As a convenience for our clients, Formacompany offers a service to assist you in filing your Franchise Tax Report and paying the necessary fees quickly and easily online.

Our Franchise Tax Report Filing Service allows you to simply review the pre-populated information for your company and make any necessary updates.

The fee to use Tax Report Filing Service and annual registered agent fee is %fee% plus the fee of $125.00 imposed by the State of Delaware. The total amount due is %fee%

Pay your Annual Franchise Tax via Formacompany’ Franchise Tax Report Filing Service.

The Franchise Tax Report Filing Service is only available from us through February 24, 2010.

All Franchise Tax Report payments must be received by the state of Delaware no later than March 1, 2010.

The state will charge a late fee of $100 and interest for any corporation that has not filed and paid its Franchise Tax Report by March 1, 2010.

Company Name

Company names must be unique and not deceptively similar to other company names registered in Delaware. We are able to check that your proposed company name is appropriate. Limited Liability Company names must end with the suffix LLC or LC and Incorporations must end with the suffix Co, Corp, Inc. It is also possible to use the full word rather than the abbreviation. Certain words such as Bank, Mortgage and Loan require approval from the Department of Financial Regulation to use.

Registered Office

Companies require a registered agent and a registered office where the Secretary of State and other official parties may send legal documents.

Delaware, we can provide you with a resident agent and registered address as part of our Corporate Administration Package.


Only one director of any nationality or residency is required to incorporate in Delaware.


Only a single shareholder is required and corporate shareholders are permitted. For LLC and C Corporations shareholders may be of any residency but S Corporations require a resident shareholder. There is no requirement to file shareholder registers with the authorities meaning shareholder details are not publicly available.

Share Capital

There is no minimum share capital requirement in Delaware.

Filing Requirements

Companies must generally keep accounting records, but these may be kept anywhere in the world and there is no obligation to file annual financial statements with the authorities. Companies are required to file an annual return along with paying the filing fee.

  • Modern and efficient multilingual banking & financial services sector;
  • Excellent air and sea connections and telecommunications services;
  • Professional,¬†reputable¬†and efficient Government and Tax Authorities;
  • A mature professional services sector;
  • Very low expense level (fees) for financial and professional service provision compared to other EU Jurisdictions. The difference is more evident in the case of professional service recurring costs (administration, accounting & tax compliance) are estimated to be at 35- 40% of Western European rates. One could very easily be misled by the low quoted start up costs for major European Jurisdictions as to the final total costs which can be considerable if one calculates recurring costs.